Normal Mapping in Fusion

Doing some grid-based lighting tests led to some interesting discoveries regarding normal maps and how they can be used with Fusion 2.5 - currently the normal map shader is loaded on every tile, not ideal but it maintains a steady framerate on a good system. It would be worth trying to tile and render the normal maps onto a single surface in the shader, download the example and feel free to do so! Further shader manipulation may take place in future.

Some screens (beware! large gifs):

The above screenshot shows added shadows using one of two examples available on the Clickteam forums.

A tutorial video (short and easy):


Update on Isometric Engine

Some latest screens, expected release date: very close.

The UI and some funky colours

Test screen for colour blending, higher lights, all shadows enabled


Easing Widget

Added the Easing Widget to the open source page, available for only 99c from CLICKSTORE.  Very simple to use widget for those with MMF2 or Fusion 2.5. Just copy it into your frame, choose your function, set your start, end and time values and ease!  Get with the times and add slick motion tweening to your projects within seconds.  A 'lite' version will be available for free but by buying it you will be supporting future cheap and highly useful software gadgetry.



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